Episode 2 - Immortal Monsters: Poltergeist Over Spiders

Episode 2 - Immortal Monsters: Poltergeist Over Spiders

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What are poltergeist? Evil entities or paranormal beacons that draw in ghost and ghoul alike? Today’s episode explores the link between poltergeist and psychokinesis, and takes a walk down the rocky trail of the Mackie Poltergeist case as reported by minister Alexander Telfair.


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Show Resources:

What is a Poltergeist? - The Paranormal Society

Poltergeist - Wikipedia

[TCP] A true relation of an apparition expressions and actings of a spirit which infected the house of Andrew Mackie in Ring-Croft of Stocking, in the paroch of Kerrick, in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright, in Scotland / by Mr. Alexander Telfair, minister of that paroch ; and attested by many other persons who were also eye and ear-witnesses. (ox.ac.uk)

Historic Poltergeist Cases - PsychicScience.org

Are women really more talkative than men? - PubMed (nih.gov)

Epworth Rectory (1716–1717)

Hinton Ampner (1764–1771)

Stockwell ghost (1772)

Sampford Peverell (1810–1811)

Bealings Bells (1834)

Angelique Cottin (ca. 1846)

Ballechin House (1876)

Great Amherst Mystery (1878–1879)

Caledonia Mills (1899–1922)

Gef the Talking Mongoose (1931)

Borley Rectory (1937) 

Thornton Heath poltergeist (1938)

Seaford poltergeist (1958)

Matthew Manning (1960s–1970s)

The Black Monk of Pontefract (1960s–1970s)

Rosenheim Poltergeist (1967)

The Amityville case (1975)

The Enfield Poltergeist (1977)

The Thornton Road poltergeist of Birmingham (1981)

Tina Resch (1984)

 The Canneto di Caronia fires poltergeist (2004–05)


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