Beller Ties Book Set

Something So Beautiful
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What would you do to save the man you love? What if his biggest danger was you?

When green-eyed charmer John Beller breaks through the chaos of her life, offering all the fruits of lust and love, thirty-two-year-old Mary Williams desperately wants to partake. On the verge of a mental break where footsteps echo from empty rooms and constant phone calls have no one on the other end, she craves the peaceful embrace of John’s arms. His confident sphere is the one place she can forget about her weakening grasp of reality. But he’s a demanding stranger she’s only recently met, one whose entitlement of wealth makes him dig into all her secrets. And she has no intention of letting anyone find out about her paranoid delusions.


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Beller Ties Omnibus: Two-Book Romantic Suspense Set

Beller Ties Omnibus: Two-Book Romantic Suspense Set

Includes books 1 & 2 of the four-book Beller Ties set - Book 1 Something So Beautiful, Book 2 Now And Always

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Now And Always
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To what lengths would you go to hide the truth? What if the secrets you’re keeping aren’t the truth at all?

Cassie’s out for blood, and Avery’s only hope for love is slipping farther away by the second. One thing is certain—the Bellers and the Kingwoods will clash as unfathomable truths threaten to rip Avery and Sheila apart.

Deceit runs deep in this suspenseful romance!

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