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Rise - Hinton Thriller Series Book 3

Rise - Hinton Thriller Series Book 3

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The final book in the Hinton Thriller trilogy! Read this series in order, starting with Descend, then Smother, and lastly - Rise!

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 Death is coming for us all. Some sooner than others.

In the haze of a war that’s still blazing around her, Tessa’s past rises up with nightmarish clarity, forcing her to cling to the only option she has left. Revenge. Now knowing that her sister is the brutal scourge that has been plaguing Hinton, Tessa vows to put an end to the death and destruction. This time around, she’ll be the one to mete out justice. For her club, her town, and the man she loves.

Still being hunted by a rival charter and unsure if her own will let her live after her unwitting string of betrayals, Tessa turns to the one man in town with a vested interest she can capitalize on. Police Chief Dunbar comes to her aid, but he has his own demons to battle, and dragging them into the open sets off a charge poised to bring down every man, woman, and child in Hinton.

Townspeople want to flee, but those they trust most turn out to be their greatest threat.

From fire to flood, Tessa has been at the center of all the death in the once sleepy riverside town, and she’s determined to stand for Hinton one final time. But will the law stand with her? Will the Leidolf? Or is Tessa standing in the center of a bullseye no one will let her escape?

It’s an eye for an eye, and Tessa intends to take those of all her enemies.


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