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Something So Beautiful: Beller Ties Book 1

Something So Beautiful: Beller Ties Book 1

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AUTOGRAPHED 6x9 paperback of Something So Beautiful. *US Shipping only.


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 In this stand-alone romantic thriller, love isn’t only blind, it’s dangerous.

Kim is my best friend because she’s too self-absorbed to notice what’s happening in my life, and that’s how I like it. I aspire to be the exact opposite of the center of attention. Especially now, when footsteps are echoing from empty rooms and phone calls continually have no one on the other end. I’m on the verge of a mental break. One I have no intention of telling anyone about.

I also have no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship, except green-eyed charmer John Beller is offering all the fruits of lust and love and I find myself desperately wanting to partake. His confident sphere is intoxicating, his peaceful embrace soothing. But he’s the last person I want to confide in about my paranoid delusions. The man is a stranger. A wealthy one who’s digging into every aspect of my life.

While I get a stronghold on my weakening grasp of reality, I have no choice but to keep the entitled John at bay. Everything inside of me might be screaming to be with him, but his true colors are beginning to show. He’s isolating me. For my own protection? Or is John using my mental state against me?

One thing is certain—my nightmares are real. And the more John kisses me, the closer the threat looms.


*Read on any device with Bookfunnel

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